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Egypt: CLDP Conducts Assessment Meetings on SPS and Trade


From December 11th – 16th, 2021, CLDP conducted a series of assessment meetings in Cairo, Egypt, designed to kickstart CLDP’s work with Egypt’s food safety regulatory regime and to deepen its understanding of Egypt’s needs in the area of trade facilitation. CLDP met with high-level representatives from the Egyptian Government, including from the newly established Egyptian National Food Safety Authority, the Egyptian Commercial Service, the Ministry of Environment, and the Prime Minister’s office. CLDP also solicited input from the private sector, including U.S. businesses operating in Egypt, during a meeting with the American Chamber of Commerce. As a result of this assessment, CLDP was able to coordinate and deconflict with USAID and implementing partners working on legal and regulatory matters in Egypt, generating consensus on a concrete workplan for 2022. This program is a part of CLDP’s wider efforts to provide technical assistance to build capacity for attracting foreign investment and facilitating increased international trade in Egypt.

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