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Honduras: Deployment of Microgrids

CLDP accommodated in-person and virtual participation
CLDP collaborates with counterparts to review and revise Microgrid draft regulations
Presenters Meet Ahead of Workshop

On June 14-15, CLDP conducted a technical hybrid workshop, “Deploying Microgrids in Honduras,” for 114 participants from the public and private sectors. This workshop focused on how to accelerate rural economic growth through increased access to reliable and affordable energy, such as microgrids.

Honduran government participants included representatives from the Honduran Electric Power Regulatory Commission, Secretary of Energy, and National Electric Energy Company. Private sector participants included representatives from the Association of Providers of Distributed Renewable Energy Solutions of Honduras, the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise, the American Chamber of Commerce in Honduras, the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Tegucigalpa, Association of Municipalities of Honduras, and private companies.

The program began with opening remarks from U.S. Ambassador Laura Dogu, Congressman Rafael Sarmiento, President Commissioner of the Electric Power Regulatory Commission Gerardo Salgado, Undersecretary of the Secretary of Energy Tomas Rodríguez, and President of the Association of Municipalities of Honduras Nelson Castellanos. The Honduran Secretary of Energy set the stage for the technical discussions presenting on the existing energy landscape, regulatory regime, and energy priorities. Experts from the U.S. Department of Energy presented an overview of microgrid use in the U.S. and lessons learned. 

As part of CLDP’s broader microgrids program, CLDP has assembled a team of energy experts to develop draft microgrid regulations for the Honduran government. While significant progress has been made in grid-based electrification in Honduras, the infrastructure needed to provide adequate electricity supply to both manufacturing plants in terms of transmission and rural communities in terms of distribution lags behind. Microgrids can meet this demand by supplying power to areas where access to the national grid is degraded or non-existent. CLDP’s Legislative Drafting team facilitated a technical review and robust discussion of the draft microgrid regulations for participants.

Representatives from the World Bank and Inter-American Development Bank shared financing strategies to consider when deploying microgrids and available programs the Government of Honduras can leverage as it works to develop the necessary infrastructure to support robust microgrid deployment. Private sector representatives showcased emerging technologies and best practices in liaising with affected communities.

This workshop is part of a multiphase effort to bolster the use of microgrids, powered by renewable energy sources such as wind or solar, as a potential a cost-effective solution to address the systematic energy crisis and increase rural electrification in Honduras.

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