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Jamaica: CLDP Hosts Jamaican Delegation on 5G and Open RAN Technology.

On October 14th, CLDP hosted a delegation of 10 high-level Jamaican officials in Washington D.C. for a forum on 5G security, to discuss benefits of 5G and Open Radio Access Networks (Open RAN). Among others, the delegation was comprised of several ministers, including the Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Minister of Education, Youth, and Information, Minister of of Economic Growth and Job Creation, and Minister of National Security. The forum included speakers from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Administration, the US Chamber of Commerce, and the Open RAN Policy Coalition. During this forum, the Jamaican Minister for Science, Energy and Technology and head of the delegation shared a proposed Declaration of Principles on 5G Cooperation, which the team plans to sign. CLDP supported this forum under the Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership, a global initiative to advance connectivity and digital trade, improve policy and regulatory environments for ICT sector growth, and enhance cyber security.

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