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Kuwait: CLDP Presents at U.S.-Kuwait Strategic Dialogues

CLDP Attorney-Advisor Adam Al-Sarraf spoke at the Fourth U.S.-Kuwait Strategic Dialogue to the Trade and Investment Cooperation Working Group.  Mr. Al-Sarraf highlighted Kuwait’s recently implemented bankruptcy law passed by Kuwait’s National Assembly in August 2020, which removed severe penalties for defaulting on payments and significantly improved Kuwait’s legal environment for foreign investment.  In 2019, CLDP provided extensive technical assistance to the government of Kuwait in drafting the new law to incorporate international best practices.  Mr. Al-Sarraf also described upcoming CLDP programming in Kuwait, including training regarding best practices in insolvency adjudication, government procurement, and international arbitration.  In attendance at the virtual Strategic Dialogue were representatives from Kuwait and U.S. governments, including the Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority, U.S. Embassy including U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait Alina Romanowski, and U.S. Department of Commerce including Deputy Assistance Secretary for Middle East and Africa Camille Richardson.   

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