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Peru: CLDP Conducts Technical Session on Draft Procurement Regulation

On February 1, CLDP conducted a virtual session to provide comments and recommendations on four components of Peru’s draft implementing regulations. The session was attended by lawyers within the General Directorate for Supply (DGA) in the Peruvian Ministry of Economy and Finance, who are tasked with finalizing the new draft procurement law and its implementing regulations. Last December, CLDP presented recommendations on how to improve the transparency and efficiency of the proposed bid protest process including the selection committees and the dispute resolution mechanism. These recommendations are based on international best practices and adapted to the Peruvian context in collaboration with a local Peruvian law firm. The sessions are part of CLDP’s USAID-funded effort to assist the Peruvian government in modernizing its legal framework, including its legislation and implementing regulations for procurement. Peru’s procurement system has been the source of major corruption scandals during the last five years, which has caused political turmoil and paralyzed government projects.

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