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Peru: CLDP Conducts Virtual Session on Best Practices in Value for Money

OSCE Workshop Value for Money Feb 9

On February 9, CLDP, in cooperation with USAID Peru, conducted a virtual workshop with Peru’s Supervisory Entity for State Contracting (OSCE) to train procurement officials across several Peruvian government agencies, municipalities and hospitals as well as OSCE officials on best practices in value for money. The workshop included an overview of international best practices of value for money and case studies on how to evaluate cost-benefit and low cost factors of procurements, the workshop featured an expert from the Contract Law Division (OGC) within OGC. The workshop is part of a series of workshops that CLDP will be conducting over the next few months to build the capacity of the procurement workforce to obtain value for money and higher quality results in their procurements. Peru’s current procurement practices are plagued by inefficiency, project paralysis and a lack of transparency and private sector engagement.  The country’s current procurement lifecycle is characterized by restricted technical specifications and an emphasis on selecting low-priced proposals, which have created significant obstacles for U.S. and foreign companies seeking to participate in Peru’s tenders.

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