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Second National Workshop on Intellectual Property and Technology Commercialization in Manila, Philippines

CLDP organized the Second National Workshop on Intellectual Property and Technology Commercialization April 21-23 in Manila, the Philippines, jointly with the Philippines Intellectual Property Research and Training Institute (IPRTI). The three-day course targeted personnel of academic institutions and RDIs that will actually be performing technology transfer functions and consisted of lectures, panel discussions, roundtable discussions, interactive working sessions, and practical application through targeted case studies. Upon completion of this course, the participants gained a genuine understanding of the operational and practical framework for technology transfer, and are now able to apply the skills they learned from the course in their work in the institutions they come from. The course also prepared the participants for advanced training workshops. This workshop followed a successful November 2008 workshop organized by CLDP and IPRTI in Manila in which judges received advanced training on intellectual property (IP) issues aiming to increase the enforcement of IP rights such as warrants for search and seizure, evidence gathering and evaluation.
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