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Sri Lanka: Technology Transfer Week & World Intellectual Property Celebration Day

Group photo of panelists from World IP Day Celebration

Technology transfer is crucial for fostering innovation and progress by enabling the dissemination of knowledge and expertise, facilitating the implementation of advancements across industries and regions. CLDP has been working with Sri Lanka on developing its intellectual property and technology transfer ecosystem since 2017. From April 22-26, as the finale to its tech transfer and intellectual property portfolio, CLDP hosted a week-long series of exchanges on tech transfer in Colombo. The week-long session included programing for World Intellectual Property Day to secure the high-level support necessary to continue building Sri Lanka’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. The sessions also built off the recent U.S. consultations completed by Sri Lankan Tech Transfer Offices and focus on negotiation simulations, commercialization consultations and strengthening the tech transfer offices to continue without CLDP or World Bank support.

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