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Tunisia: CLDP Organizes Workshops on Negotiating International Trade Agreements and IT and Cloud Procurement

Photo of CLDP conference in Tunisia with all participants on October 18th.

On October 10-18, CLDP organized multiple workshops, a roundtable, and a working group session.

On October 10 – 11, CLDP, in partnership with the Tunisian Ministry of Commerce and Export Promotion, hosted a workshop on international trade and commercial negotiations for participants from the commerce, customs, and foreign trade ministries. The workshop focused on negotiation theories and strategies.

On October 12, CLDP facilitated a working group session for the Tunisian Ministry of Commerce and Export Promotion on Tunisia’s draft foreign trade law and implementing decree. Following ongoing exchanges since March 2023, the session provided the opportunity for line-by-line discussion of the compliance of the draft regulations with international best practices and Tunisia’s international trade obligations.

On October 13, CLDP, in partnership with the Tunisian Ministry of Commerce and Export Promotion, hosted a roundtable on franchising. The roundtable fostered meaningful exchange between the private and public sector regarding the legal and regulatory barriers to franchising and potential reforms. The roundtable furthered Tunisia’s goal of creating a friendlier legal regime for franchises.

On October 17 – 18, CLDP and the General Services Administration (GSA), in partnership with the Tunisian public procurement authority, hosted a workshop on best practices in IT and Cloud government procurement and private-sector engagement. GSA presented on the U.S. FedRAMP program, a standardized approach to security and risk assessment for Cloud products and services, and Cloud migration processes.

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