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Bosnia and Herzegovina: IP Benchbook U.S. Study Tour


From March 20-24, 2023, CLDP will host an interethnic, interdisciplinary group of IP law experts in Washington, DC for a study tour of various aspects of US IP law. The working group is in the process of updating the first edition of CLDP-published IP law Benchbook from 2013 on Bosnian IP law. The Benchbook will include an overview of BiH IP law as well as regional and EU examples and will include more than ten years of case law that has developed since the last IP law update. The group will visit the Washington, DC area and meet with judges, regulators, as well as private sector practitioners to help inform their work on the Benchbook. The Benchbook is expected to be completed and published by World IP Day in April 2023. The goal of the project is to raise the IPR protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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