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Eastern Europe Regional Customs Assessments


From August 29th – September 16th CLDP will conduct a series of consultations on the digitalization of trade corridors in the Caucasus and Eastern Europe. The goal of CLDP’s Eastern Europe Regional Customs portfolio is to boost connectivity amongst the portfolio countries and to provide them with access to new markets in Central Asia and beyond. With this goal in mind, and taking into consideration the reliance on international road transport in the region, it is important to prioritize the implementation of tools that facilitate efficient information sharing between customs and to simplify transport/transit procedures. Digital TIR offers an attractive solution by providing tools that  allow transport operators, the IRU, and national associations to exchange data with customs in real time and provide advance cargo information. Recognising the potential of the extension of the digital TIR projects to the region, CLDP will facilitate an on-site CLDP-IRU joint mission to Georgia and Azerbaijan, where the delegation will host consultations with relevant stakeholders and visit the port of Alyat and the border crossing point of Tsiteli Khidi. CLDP will also take part in consultations with counterparts in Moldova and Armenia in the following weeks to discuss regional connectivity and the benefits of implementing TIR IT tools.

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