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Romania – Study Visit to the Port of Constanta


On July 11th – 12th, CLDP will host a study visit to the port of Constanta in Romania for 10 officials from Moldova’s customs services. Participants will have the opportunity learn about port operations and management and to discuss best practices in customs control procedures with their Romanian...

Romania – Workshop on Customs Control Procedures at Airports


On July 6th-8th, CLDP, in collaboration with Moldova’s Customs Services, will hold a two-day workshop for Moldovan customs officials on customs control procedures at airports. The workshop will be followed by a study visit to the airport in Bucharest and practical exercises on July 8th. Participants...

Moldova – Government Contracts Roundtable for Women Owned/Operated Business/Roundtable to Promote Women Owned Businesses/How to Win Government Contracts Roundtable for Women Owned or Operated Business

On June 9, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP), in cooperation with U.S. Embassy in Moldova, will host a roundtable for women-owned and operated businesses in Moldova to discuss government contracting. The roundtable will include officials from Moldova’s...