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Moldova: Webinar on Contract Management, Modifications, and Procurement During Emergencies


From April 11 to 13, CLDP will hold a virtual workshop for Moldovan officials on procurement contract management, modifications, and execution. The workshop will culminate with a roundtable discussion for Moldovan and Romanian procurement officials, as well as U.S. and European experts, on how government procurement rules and processes can be used to respond to emergency situations. The workshop will help to introduce or re-introduce Moldovan contracting authorities, with a particular emphasis on newer officials, to fundamental concepts in government procurement contract management and amendment. This will include a focus on best practices from the U.S. and Europe that, when applied in Moldova, will help contracting officials act efficiently and effectively in addressing common challenges in an increasingly complex procurement market. The roundtable discussion will focus on the flexibilities of existing procurement rules as well as changes that might need to be made to rules, regulations, and procedures in response to emergency situations. This is particularly relevant at the moment as Moldova and Romania are faced with an influx of refugees from Ukraine due to the recent Russian invasion of that country. U.S. and European experts will share case studies about how procurement can be responsive to these types of situations, and Romanian and Moldovan officials will share current lessons learned from the relatively fresh crisis. This discussion will provide recommendations for Moldovan authorities and their Romanian counterparts to continue modifying rules or implementation to respond most effectively to the continually-evolving refugee and security crisis. These approaches could also be used in the future to respond to other emergencies including climate or public health-related emergencies.

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