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Sri Lanka – John H. Jackson Regional Round


From March 3rd-7th, CLDP will travel to Kolkata, India to support three teams from Sri Lanka who are participating in the Regional Rounds of the John. H. Jackson (JHJ) Moot Court Competition. The JHJ is a prestigious international Moot Court Competition designed to enhance participants' knowledge of international trade law and WTO dispute settlement procedures. This is the third year for Sri Lanka to participate in the competition with CLDP support. Over the past several months, the students have participated in regular practice rounds with their coaches and advisors and had the opportunity to attend the CLDP-organized pre-moot in February, which allowed them to practice their oral advocacy skills and take a deeper dive into the WTO agreements with the support of leading experts in the field of WTO/Trade law. This program is part of CLDP’s effort to build a cadre of future practitioners who are well-versed in WTO and trade law both substantively and procedurally and can adequately represent their country in WTO-related matters.

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