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Ukraine: CLDP to Hold IP Law and Practice Fundamentals for Ukrainian Lawyers


From November 14-18, CLDP will hold a workshop in Warsaw, Poland and online for Ukrainian lawyers and law students on IP law and practice fundamentals. Participants will hear from U.S., Ukrainian, and Polish private sector, government, and academic experts on the foundations of IP law, as well as tips for incorporating some aspects of IP into their existing legal practice. The program aims to proliferate appreciation for IP among a broad group of Ukrainian legal practitioners and to provide a skillset that allows those individuals to begin handling some components of IP legal issues in their day-to-day work. The program will also provide a networking opportunity for Ukrainian lawyers who have been affected by the war (either through displacement, inability to work, or working in hostile conditions) and to share best practices for the rebuilding and strengthening of the post-war legal community in Ukraine. This work is part of CLDP’s multi-phase programming to strengthen IP protections in Ukraine to facilitate greater local and international investment and innovation, which will be essential to the rebuilding process.

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