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Dominican Republic: CLDP Conducts Workshop Series on Value for Money

Jim Williams session
Greg Giddens plenary
Case Study in Santiago
Final Ceremony

On August 7-15, CLDP, in cooperation with the General Directorate for Public Contracting (DGCP), hosted three workshops focused on best practices in the implementation of value for money procurement principles. Experts from the General Services Administration and a former senior procurement executive led the workshops for 110 procurement officials from eight Dominican agencies representing the water, power, health, public works, and tourism sectors. Currently, government agencies face challenges procuring quality goods, services, and infrastructure projects as most agencies use a low-price bid evaluation method. After introducing international best practices on best value and performance-based contracting, the workshops discussed best value in all phases of the procurement lifecycle. The workshops served to socialize DGCP’s new value for money guidebook that will help maximize quality and innovation in procurements, and to further CLDP’s objective to help the Dominican government improve transparency, efficiency, and sustainability of its procurement system.

Areas of Expertise