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Moldova – Government Contracts Roundtable for Women Owned/Operated Business/Roundtable to Promote Women Owned Businesses/How to Win Government Contracts Roundtable for Women Owned or Operated Business

How to Win Government Contracts Roundtable for Women or Operated Owned SMEs

On June 9, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Commercial Law Development Program (CLDP), in cooperation with U.S. Embassy in Moldova, will host a roundtable for women-owned and operated businesses in Moldova to discuss government contracting. The roundtable will include officials from Moldova’s Procurement Agency and Ministry of Economy, with participation from the leading businesswomen in chambers of commerce and business associations. The objective of the program is to provide technical assistance to the private sector and Government of Moldova with respect to government contracts, specifically, how to increase participation of women owned or operated businesses in government contracts. This will be CLDP’s first virtual program relating to women’s economic empowerment in Moldova and will focus on improving transparency and access to government tendering for women entrepreneurs. CLDP’s technical assistance to Moldova to promote women’s economic empowerment ultimately increases opportunities for creativity, innovation, and the emergence of new markets and investment.

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