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Regional Balkans: Workshop on Best Practices in Seizure of Goods – Seizure to Adjudication

Combatting Counterfeit Goods through Customs Seizures – Customs, Prosecutorial, and Judicial Approaches

On September 6-9, CLDP conducted a workshop focused on regionally coordinated approaches to best practices in the interdiction of goods by customs agencies and the relevant legal processes that follow such interdictions. The Western Balkans region is particularly prone to the production, important, and/or transit of counterfeit and illicit goods. By developing regional best practices and communication networks – both between port-facing officials, law enforcement, and the legal community and between countries in the region, Balkan nations can become more effective in identifying and intercepting, and ultimately preventing the movement of counterfeit goods throughout the region. The workshop included coverage of working-level customs practices in the identification and interdiction of goods, and two days working with the prosecutorial and judicial officials involved in adjudication of issues surrounding the seizure of goods.

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