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Moldova – Ambassadors Roundtable


From April 11-13th, CLDP will host a program on Commercial Diplomacy in Chisinau, Moldova for 40 Moldovan Ambassadors. The goal of this program is to promote Moldova’s exports, investment, and tourism by working with Moldova’s diplomatic corps and private sector. The program will also promote closer trade ties with the United States and the European Union, diversifying Moldova’s trading partners and building economic resiliency.  CLDP will partner with U.S. and international experts from the International Trade Centre in Geneva, former U.S. Ambassadors, the U.S. Foreign Commercial Service, ITA, USAID, and various private sector representatives to share best practices in commercial diplomacy, to provide an overview of the various tools and resources available for diplomats to identify and actualize export/import opportunities for their countries, and to better understand the challenges in tapping into certain markets. This program will provide an opportunity for the diplomats to participate in panel discussions, sharing their experience in the field, and will encourage public-private dialogue, which will help create closer ties between both communities.

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